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ENGINE exists to
futureproof your business.

Working with speed, rigor and creativity, ENGINE propels brands forward faster by combining expertise in research & design, data & analytics, and scientific insights.

Our industry advisors collaborate with your teams to uncover the human truths that help you activate insight and accelerate growth.

We explore the intentions behind your customers behavior, uncovering not just the ‘what’ but the ‘why’.​ We go beyond research to deliver integrated expertise and products that help you fine tune your data strategies, drive bottom line growth, and differentiate in today’s marketplace.

We proudly support clients’ Insights needs with our agile tools, CX research, journey mapping, branding, concept testing, product testing, innovation, strategy, data & analytics, and digital qualitative and communities. We have expertise is specific markets such as B2B and younger generations.

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In today’s dynamic environment brands must be able to obtain insight at the speed of business. At ENGINE we leverage a suite of quantitative, qualitative and analytic tools in flexible ways, combined with industry expertise, to provide actionable learnings in bite-sized chunks to help move our clients forward faster.

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Growth in any environment can be challenging, especially in business-to-business situations. Successful growth strategies identify and solve for the factors and influences that will enable or inhibit success. ENGINE removes speculation, guesswork, and emotion from the process by helping B2B professionals identify and evaluate the merits of opportunities to create sustainable growth.

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Brands are increasingly using customer experience to differentiate and drive business performance, but often focus on chasing metrics rather than focusing on business outcomes. By combining performance measurement, behavioral data and predictive analytics, ENGINE reveals the specific levers that will drive customer acquisition and retention.

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Digital Audiences

Using state of the art methods, ENGINE removes the “guess work” from digital activation, enabling brands and their agencies to find new customers as well as retain and grow relationships with existing customers efficiently and effectively.

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Our Leadership

Don Simons

CEO, Insights North America

Rich Catrone

Executive Vice President, Global Operations

David Albert

General Manager, Business Advisory

Jon Harding

Managing Director, Research Excellence

Nicole Tomei

Senior Vice President, Marketing

Vashti Chatman

Director, Talent

Andy Davidson

SVP, Head of Data Strategy and Analytics

Stacy Lee

Global Chief Accounting Officer