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media audit

understanding your competitive set

Understanding your competitive set is table stakes to playing well in any market.

A growing key component of any competitive landscape is understanding how your competitors are covered in media. From print to social media, a brand’s narrative lives and breathes through what (and how much) is said about them more now than ever. Understand what is being said and understand where to direct and influence what is being said about your brand through ENGINE’s Media Audit.


Examples of media audits conducted include:

Understand the media footprint of five global chemical manufacturers including print/online, social media, paid media and strategic business news.

Review social media conversations around specific topics like healthy living, anti-aging, personalization, etc. among key supplement brands.

Understand the dynamic travel market by following the change in social media conversations as a result of COVID-19 around general travel intent, island travel intent and specific Caribbean island travel intent.

Identify the perception of key medical diagnostics companies through the narrative following each brand in media coverage over a period of time.


Below is a sample of sections from our Media Audit offering—take a look at just some of the impactful insights we can share to help you grow and expand your business.

Approach and Methodology

ENGINE’s seasoned team of research analysts will review published content leveraging ENGINE’s access to proprietary databases including news, creatives and social media aggregators. Our sources are combed tenaciously for references to other published sources. We analyze sources to determine the market landscape and competitive space and convey the competitive narrative.



Competitor Comparisons

ENGINE provides a concise clear comparison of several competitors identified and analyzed for the project. Analysis includes business segmentations and financials, media volume comparisons, summaries by media, sentiment analysis and timeline analysis. The comparisons enable us to identify strengths and weaknesses of the competitors media strategy, better informing the development of your strategy. It also makes it easier to spot white space in the message landscape that can be used to differentiate your brand.

Business Overview

Included in the business overview is a review of the competitors’ relevant business segments including company description, revenue and revenue segmentation by business line. The overview puts the competitor’s overall business performance into perspective compared to their media strategy, enabling us to determine if they appear to be over or under investing in the segment. This gives us a clue about how they are emphasizing this segment of their business.


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Coverage Counts

ENGINE outlines a breakdown of coverage counts of each competitor by social media posts, print/online media articles, equity research analyst reports and paid media providing a cumulative share of voice for the competitive set. Indicates share of voice among different media sets and the corresponding amount of voice you may need to generate in order for your message to cut through the volume of competitors’ messages.


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Coverage Summaries

ENGINE produces brief overviews with top line insights on coverage of each competitor by each media. Providing key insights on each competitors’ narrative through the various channels of communication while calling out important milestones over the period. This provides a quick way to identify the messages a competitor is driving through different channels. This analysis can also be used to infer who the audience targets are of the competitor messages.



Earnings Sentiment Analysis

ENGINE creates a review of sentiment expressed in each public competitors’ earnings call over the last 12 months. We employ algorithms that allow for each statement made during an analyst call to be coded as positive, negative or neutral offering a net sentiment for the quarter compared to competitors. This quickly identifies how leadership views their current business.


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Key Findings: Competitor

ENGINE will summarize findings for each competitor to provide deeper insights for each competitors’ narrative over the period. We call out the media coverage strengths, weaknesses, and white spaces for further opportunity.


Company Strategy

ENGINE dives into recent company investor presentations, equity research reports and transcripts to offer key changes or strategies of each competitor in addition to any forward plans or forecasts. Understanding their business strategy helps to put their media strategy into perspective and gives hints of where their messaging may lead to in the future, better informing your media strategy and plans.

Print/Online Coverage


The results include a comprehensive review of best-in-class print / online media to fuel the narrative of each competitor as written through newspapers, trade publications, and other periodicals. Including a timeline of coverage identifying key peaks in coverage and key sources, publications, authors, and frequently mentioned subjects. Provides a clear understanding of what journalists covering the market are saying about your brand and competitive brands. Use this to fuel ideas of how to drive the narrative in the direction you prefer.


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Social Coverage


Social coverage accounts for a wide variety of content including conversations or posts captured on Twitter, blogs, forums and other social platforms. Our review tells the story of the competitor over a timeline and can include sentiment analysis, volume of posts, channel breakdown, geo-tagging, topic wheels, word clouds, and often includes key verbatims to exemplify the content. Understanding what drives the social narrative provides inspiration for how you can use social strategies to influence the narrative of your brand in social media.


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Paid Media Coverage

Finally, a review of competitors’ paid media offers a breakdown of the different channels of paid media including television, online display, newspapers, etc. Additionally, our team draws out key messaging among the competitive set to add to the competitive strategic observations. Paid media analysis gives us a clear understanding of the message and value proposition that competitors are pushing into the marketplace, identifying weaknesses and whitespaces you can use to your advantage.

Our insights can be shaped and designed to fit your needs from a narrow-targeted focus topic to much more topline broader insights.

Are you ready to get started with your own media audit?