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The Pulse: Travel Plans and Multicultural Marketing

The Pulse of the American Consumer is focused on continued insight into consumer sentiments for businesses across all industries.


Whether it be in the next 3 months, 6 months, or 12 months, Americans are ready to travel. Learn about the trips they’re planning – from how much they want to spend to where they want to go. Also, explore sentiments around multicultural marketing that were pulled in partnership with New Majority Marketing. In order for businesses to have the most success connecting with their consumers, they have to understand them – what they are interested in, what they need, and how they feel. At ENGINE, we have the real-time pulse of the consumer, today, and always. Throughout 2021, we will be offering weekly insights through identifying important data points and trends from the voice of the consumer.



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At ENGINE, we will be keeping up with the pulse of the consumer throughout 2021, and are regularly running our CARAVAN surveys on current social issues. Contact us at caravaninfo@enginegroup.com for more information or for the full CARAVAN survey findings.

This Online CARAVAN® omnibus surveys were conducted on January 8-10, January 15-17, January 22-24, January 29-31, February 5-7, February 12-14,  February 19-21, February 26-28, March 5-7, March 12-14, March 19-21, March 26-28, April 2-4, April 9-11, April 16-18, April 23-25, April 30-May 2, and May 7-9, 2021.  Approximately 1,000 adults selected from opt-in panels were surveyed. The results are also weighted to U.S. Census data to be demographically representative.

Written by the CARAVAN team at ENGINE Insights.

The Pulse of the American Consumer

Current Events:

How concerned are you currently about these issues?

  • Your basic rights of freedom, expression and liberty as a U.S. citizen are increasingly being taken away
    • Total Concerned: 72% [5% increase in concern since just last week]
    • Very Concerned: 42%
  • States reopening businesses and lifting mask mandates too soon, resulting in a spike in coronavirus cases
    • Total Concerned: 66%
    • Very Concerned: 35%
  • Not being able to reach a high enough overall immunity level in the United States due to ongoing hesitancy/refusal to receive the vaccine
    • Total Concerned: 65% [8% decrease from two weeks ago (April 23-25)]
    • Very Concerned: 30%
  • Contracting the Coronavirus
    • Total Concerned: 59% [A continued, new, yearly, week-over-week l]
    • Very Concerned: 30%

To what extent do you agree or disagree with each statement below?

  • The Republican Party should move on from Donald Trump and the general mindset of ‘Trumpism’
    • Strongly/Somewhat Agree: 65%
    • Strongly Agree: 43%
      • [85% among Democrats, 41% among Republicans]
  • Liz Cheney better represents the values of the Republican Party, not Donald Trump
    • Strongly/Somewhat Agree: 56%
    • Strongly Agree: 25%
      • [76% among Democrats vs. 33% among Republicans]
  • I would consider voting for Donald Trump in 2024, should he run for President again
    • Strongly/Somewhat Agree: 46%
    • Strongly Agree: 28%
      • [78% among Republicans, 24% among Republicans]
  • Once you are fully vaccinated against COVID-19, there should no longer be a need to wear a mask/face covering in an outdoors setting
    • Strongly/Somewhat Agree: 65%
    • Strongly Agree: 36%
  • I am still nervous to get back out into the public and resume ‘normal life’, despite more and more cities and states fully reopening businesses
    • Strongly/Somewhat Agree: 59%
    • Strongly Agree: 24%
  • Once you are fully vaccinated against COVID-19, there should no longer be a need to wear a mask/face covering in an indoors setting
    • Strongly/Somewhat Agree: 56%
    • Strongly Agree: 29%

76% of U.S. Adults plan on taking some kind of trip in the next 12 months, whether that’s for business or pleasure (64% within the next 6 months, 43% within the next 3). Of the respondents that will travel within the next 12 months:

On their next trip, travellers are likely to stay in:

  • 72% Hotel(s)
  • 65% With family/friends
  • 35% All-inclusive resort(s)
  • 35% House or apartment rented through a marketplace such as Airbnb or Vrbo

And they are likely to travel via:

  • 66% Car [they] own
  • 49% Air
  • 34% Car [they] rent
  • 22% Rideshare such as Uber/Lyft
  • 19% Cruise ship
  • 17% Train

The average expected spending among these adults per night is $225, with younger travellers more likely to spend at a higher rate:

  • $303 – Gen Z
  • $257 – Millennials
  • $215 – Gen X
  • $177 – Baby Boomers

And for their next trip, U.S. Adults are intending to:

  • 46% Visit a national park or a similar/other natural resource
  • 37% Visit a historical landmark
  • 31% Go to an amusement park
  • 30% Go to a resort
  • 12% Visit a foreign country
  • 7% Attend business meetings

56% of U.S. adults say that being able to travel plays a factor into their decision to get vaccinated.

Which of the following, if any, are true for you?

  • 40% – I plan to take trips this year to reunite with family and friends
  • 39% – I would feel confident booking a trip I’d take 3 months from now
  • 35% – I would be willing to take a trip as early as this weekend
  • 15% – I would/do feel guilty for traveling right now
  • 11% – I would/do feel judged for posting travel pictures on my social media right now
  • 11% – I would/do feel judged by others for traveling right now

New Majority Ready are Multicultural Marketing experts.

This data was collected among 3,014 respondents through three waves of ENGINE’s CARAVAN Omnibus between May 3-9, 2021.

“While multicultural/diverse households feel less represented in all programming genres, they tend to see themselves portrayed on relatively higher level in Scripted Comedy and Sports Programming compared to other media programs, as seen below.”

Please consider the following types of media programming below. Which, if any, do you feel that you and your family are adequately/sufficiently represented today from a racial/ethnic standpoint?

  • Scripted comedy television series
    • Non-Hispanic White: 45%
    • Non-Hispanic Black/African-American: 33%
    • Hispanic/Latinx/Spanish: 36%
    • Asian-American/Pacific Islander: 29%
  • Scripted dramatic television series
    • Non-Hispanic White: 45%
    • Non-Hispanic Black/African-American: 30%
    • Hispanic/Latinx/Spanish: 37%
    • Asian-American/Pacific Islander: 28%
  • Documentaries
    • Non-Hispanic White: 43%
    • Non-Hispanic Black/African-American: 30%
    • Hispanic/Latinx/Spanish: 35%
    • Asian-American/Pacific Islander: 33%
  • Game Shows
    • Non-Hispanic White: 42%
    • Non-Hispanic Black/African-American: 30%
    • Hispanic/Latinx/Spanish: 31%
    • Asian-American/Pacific Islander: 25%
  • News Programming
    • Non-Hispanic White: 43%
    • Non-Hispanic Black/African-American: 27%
    • Hispanic/Latinx/Spanish: 31%
    • Asian-American/Pacific Islander: 24%
  • Sports Programming
    • Non-Hispanic White: 39%
    • Non-Hispanic Black/African-American: 34%
    • Hispanic/Latinx/Spanish: 30%
    • Asian-American/Pacific Islander: 27%
  • How-to Videos
    • Non-Hispanic White: 36%
    • Non-Hispanic Black/African-American: 22%
    • Hispanic/Latinx/Spanish: 25%
    • Asian-American/Pacific Islander: 21%

Does the ethnic makeup of your household have an impact on any of the following?

  • Concerns about your family in the community
    • Non-Hispanic White: 15%
    • Non-Hispanic Black/African-American: 34%
    • Hispanic/Latinx/Spanish: 24%
    • Asian-American/Pacific Islander: 29%
  • Fear of law enforcement
    • Non-Hispanic White: 8%
    • Non-Hispanic Black/African-American: 35%
    • Hispanic/Latinx/Spanish: 21%
    • Asian-American/Pacific Islander: 11%

Among this list, what are the top 3 priorities in your life right now:

*The top several priorities showed little variation by racial or ethnic makeup of the household*

  • 57% Happiness (+1% change from last month)
  • 54% Financial security (+5% change from last month)
  • 53% Personal safety/the safety of your family (-3% change from last month)
  • 45% Health & wellness (-4% change from last month)
  • 27% Strengthening/renewing your Faith (no change from last month)
  • 23% Self-improvement/embetterment (+2% change from last month)
  • 15% Improve society/ social responsibility/ helping others (no change from last month)
  • 14% Trying new things/finding new passions (+1% change from last month)
  • 12% Social belonging/ interaction/time with others (-1% change from last month)

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