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LA Clippers

It Takes Everything


Increase ticket sales for the LA Clippers.

it takes everything


We inspired a new generation of LA Clippers fan insights – without alienating an already loyal fan base.

Our data revealed:

1. Millennials shared two key beliefs: a) It’s important to be part of something bigger, and b) It takes commitment to achieve a goal

2. The top LA neighborhoods for current and prospective LA Clipper fans

We created the “It Takes Everything” campaign, rebranding the meaning of being an LA Clippers fan from supporting a team to being part of something bigger.

Using our location data, we segmented the market, focusing distribution efforts in hyper-local areas.

We created content, distributing it across ticket-selling machines, as well as highly visual platforms like Snapchat and niche social communities like Quora. Finally, we used our data to determine which retail locations our audience shopped in and when. With this, we exposed them to the right content and message, in the right place, at the right time.


300% Increase

In ticket revenue.

90% Increase

In game-day ticket sales.

180% Increase

In overall ticket transactions.