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Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation in Financial Services

Digital Transformation in Financial Services


What Should Traditional Institutions Do to Survive the Disruption of Fintechs?


The stakes are high, and if organizations do not transform, survival is questionable. Yet, with so few successfully completing digital transformation efforts, determining the path forward can seem like a flip of the coin.

ENGINE’s Nicole Garberg, Head of Customer Experience, sat down with one of Expert ENGINE’s panelists, Jesse Poe, to discuss the importance of digital transformation in the financial services industry. Listen as Jesse and Nicole discuss the integration of CX into the digital transformation process, the importance of breaking down silos, and how fintech has forced traditional banks to move to digital.

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Topics include:

  • 6:55 – Genesis of digital transformation
  • 12:20 – Breaking down silos for success
  • 17:36 – Role of the employees in transformation efforts
  • 25:16 – COVID enhances digital experiences
  • 29:08 – Fintech forces traditional banks to move to digital
  • 32:30 – Difficulties merging legacy systems with innovative tech
  • 35:52 – Conquering the urge to continue with the status quo