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ENGINE’s Always On Digital Hives have always been a cut above all other online communities, featuring:
  • Best in class technology
  • Expert emotional engagement
  • Agility
  • Scalability
  • Cost-effective custom service levels

But now ENGINE Always On Hives are even better, with the addition of:
  • Integrated Accelerated Intelligence
  • Linguistic Analysis
  • Facial Coding

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Find out more about ENGINE Digital Hives below!

Best in class technology

  • Benefit from a vibrant mix of methodologies including virtual IDIs and focus groups, video and photo journals, fill-in-the-blank guided storytelling, card sorting, polls and rating/matrix questions, open ended essay questions, image annotations and screen safaris.

Expert emotional engagement

  • Know you are getting the deepest truth out your members, as your ENGINE Hives team employs multiple intelligence theory, cultural anthropology techniques and creative storytelling approaches to get below the surface to the kind of deep emotional responses that drive effective action
  • Take advantage of a team of community experts with over 25+ collective years of experience in MROC as well as dedicated research experts by vertical (Financial Services, Pharma, CPG, Retail, etc) and speciality area (CX, B2B, etc).


  • Speed to launch in as little as a week
  • Have members at the ready and get answers to your most urgent research question within minutes
  • Enjoy longitudinal insight into seasonal needs and wants, as well as changes in consumer behavior, brand affinity and sentiment over time


  • Empanel 100s to 1000s, and serve as many niche audiences as you desire for little additional cost
  • Utilize ENGINE’s robust recruitment team to find participants in sub 5% incidence groups, or give us your customer list to manage
  • Engage multi-lingual communities in up to 27 different languages, without requiring separate engagements

Cost-effective Custom Service Levels

  • Let ENGINE do all the hefty lifting on recruitment, engagement, creative design and panel maintenance while you opt for self-service, shared or full service on moderation and reporting
  • Take advantage of live dashboards that enable filtering of results by profile field, word cloud customization, manipulable charts & graphs, video transcripts, content coding, and one-click video clip creation

Integrated Accelerated Intelligence:

  • Periodically take advantage of access to ENGINE’s robust secondary research and targeted searches in academic, business, industry, market, and consumer databases in order to inform learning agenda design and analysis of insights from the Hive

Linguistic Analysis

  • ENGINE partners with Relative Insight to make sense of your thousands of words of qualitative data through integrated machine learning tools that find hidden insight stories, surface trends as they emerge and tease out important differences between audiences

Facial Coding

  • ENGINE partners with Affectiva, which powers our Digital Hive video tool with an Emotion AI to do facial expression analysis on live webcam feeds or uploaded video. In every Hive, we can take member submitted video and run them through our facial analysis coding to tease out and capture 7 core emotions and 20 individual facial expressions as relates to their response to stimuli, story-telling or scenario.