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The Situation

Growth in any environment can be challenging, especially in business-to-business situations. Successful growth strategies identify and solve for the factors and influences that will enable or inhibit success. ENGINE removes speculation, guesswork, and emotion from the process by helping B2B professionals identify and evaluate the merits of opportunities to create sustainable growth.

What We Do

ENGINE helps B2B organizations seeking to create sustainable growth as they proactively develop strategies to: 1) enter new markets, 2) innovate through products/services/processes and, 3) establish customer experience (CX) as a differentiator to grow existing customer relationships.

The ENGINE Approach

B2B @ ENGINE Helps You Navigate These Challenges

We bring together industry expertise, blended research methods, and proven business frameworks that increase success rates and decrease risk in the pursuit of sustainable growth. We remove speculation, guesswork, and emotion from the process to help B2B professionals identify and evaluate the merits of growth opportunities.

We address your critical business challenges by starting with the right mix of information sources, whether that be accessing B2B experts, authoritative published materials, and/or conducting primary research in new and innovative ways.

We then apply technologies, analytics, and proven decision-making models to provide you with vetted options.

Download our guide, “3 Practices to Rev Your B2B Growth Engine,” to find out how you can ditch the old B2B playbook for modernized methods that work!

How ENGINE Helps B2B Professionals

Enter New/Other Markets, Size a Market, Understand Competitive Strategy

B2B professionals rely on ENGINE to:

  1. Determine the attractiveness of the market, gauge customer appeal and acceptance, and assess alignment to your core business
  2. Gauge the size of the market, estimate growth trajectory, and understand competitive market share
  3. Identify and track competitive strategy to evaluate market position, estimate sales growth, review marketing activity, and explore business structure
>> View our PDF on Market Entry here


Differentiate with Customer Experience – Grow and Enhance Existing Customer Relationships

B2B professionals rely on ENGINE to:

  1. Identify the most valuable customers and their future potential to your business
  2. Evaluate existing offerings in a competitive context and surface unmet needs
  3. Reveal customer pain points and identify ways to reduce or eliminate them overtime
  4. Anticipate the customers’ next step in their journey and determine how to fulfill it

Innovate through White Space, Combat or Create Disruption, Leapfrog the Competition

B2B professionals rely on ENGINE to:

  1. Identify white space and unmet needs where brands can activate
  2. Unearth and monitor competitive innovation, assessing the opportunity for differentiation
  3. Assist in the development of concepts for new/enhanced offerings or processes and assess their potential
  4. Test and refine concepts, gauge customer appeal and acceptance, inform go-to-market strategies
>> View our PDF on Fostering Innovation here

Our Offerings


A seasoned team of analysts with access to over 100k authoritative published content sources to address your critical business decisions, leveraging continuously improving data sources with text analytics, AI, and other technologies.


A method that blends the rigor and quality of data science with the speed of DIY, and fits right into your workflows, so you can make sound, data-driven decisions at the speed of business; riveted around iterative learning and quick pivots to assess opportunities.


Omnibus surveys among consumers and small to medium-size businesses providing actionable information on a concise set of questions, quickly and cost-effectively.


Deep knowledge of what young people are doing, why they’re doing it—and what they will do next, allowing us to predict major cultural shifts and identify the intersection of these shifts across industries. This is critical insight when seeking to unlock critical business opportunities ahead of the competition and fuel innovative initiatives.


A veteran team of experts with extensive training and experience in examining the competitive landscape – leveraging in-depth interviews with competitive stakeholders, access to proprietary databases, and unique analytical frameworks to surface opportunities and threats.


A method that combines performance measurement, behavioral data and predictive analytics to reveal the specific levers that will drive customer acquisition, expansion, retention, and maximize lifetime value.


A network of rigorously screened peer-recommended experts comprised of key opinion leaders (KOLs), industry experts, subject matter experts (SMEs) and futurists across a variety of fields and geographies. These experts provide situational context, perspective on future-scapes and relevant trends, and an outlook on disruption and its longer-term impact.


A digital, private platform to rapidly engage stakeholders on many different topics by reaching into their businesses, forums, peer-groups, homes, hearts, and minds. The interactive nature of the platform captures perspectives, reactions, emotions and behaviours in the form of audio, video and written formats at an individual and/or a group level. A simple yet powerful way to learn and engage.


Over the last decade, ENGINE has partnered with us to ensure they understand our strategies, initiatives, and needs to counsel on the best methods to uncovering strategic insight to further refine our approach. Whether we are focused on driving marketplace perception, understanding needs and experiences of unique customer audiences, or crafting messages that resonate with current and potential associates, ENGINE delivers valuable, fact-based recommendations to secure relevant insights that focus our efforts accordingly.

Global Manufacturer

Customer Insight Analyst

Our work with ENGINE significantly impacts our evolution to becoming a more customer centric organization. ENGINE brings the necessary focus on global research and customer feedback, big program management, technology platforms and most importantly, strategic thinking to help me drive change in my organization. I really view the ENGINE team as an extension of myself and my team. They are intimately involved in our strategies, priorities and expected outcomes. Time and time again they have shown that they always have our back and are always willing to do the right thing. The team brings a level of thought leadership, especially in the CX space, that is not easy to find in global marketing services organizations. Their credibility, process, talent, experience, and breadth of reach is unmatched. They are best in class.

Global Healthcare Manufacturer

Global CX Director

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