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caravan® international

Omnibus Surveys in Multiple Countries

Did you know that in the US, “kiss” means the action of kissing, but in Sweden, it means “to pee”? Or that the word “gift” means a present in the US, but in Germany, it means poison? 


For companies conducting business in multiple countries, it’s extremely important to be mindful of the fact that certain words and phrases can have completely different meanings in different countries. Consumers are vastly different around the world and utilizing market research to guide strategic planning in multiple countries creates more sound decision making for your organization.  

ENGINE’s CARAVAN International Omnibus Survey is an affordable solution in an ever-shifting global market—available in over 40 countries. In 2020 alone, CARAVAN conducted 193,800 interviews for our clients. 

CARAVAN helps companies gather intelligence from markets around the world at an affordable price. You can leverage CARAVAN International to: 

  • Test concepts, messages, and ads 
  • Size and define markets 
  • Measure attitudes, awareness, and usage 
  • Track and trend perception for marketing plans 
  • Conduct tagline or package testing

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ENGINE’s CARAVAN Omnibus Surveys is our agile solution that provides you actionable data quickly and cost-effectively, so you can uncover the insights you need to succeed.

Don’t worry if you are not a survey expert. With CARAVAN you work with an experienced team that can help you with project conception, questionnaire development, and analysis of key findings.

Our team—together with reliable, representative samples—guarantees you speed (results in as little as one day) and budget flexibility (per question pricing) without sacrificing quality and reliability.

With CARAVAN you are not limited to 2 or 3 simple questions. We accept longer questionnaires and can incorporate features beyond simple skip patterns, including multi-cell testing, word piping, and drag and drop. You can enhance your survey by including logos, pictures and video.

We can help you test concepts, messages, and ads; size and define markets; profile customers; measure attitudes, awareness, and usage; determine optimal pricing; check incidence; and generate publicity.

All CARAVAN results are delivered via our QuickView digital portal. With QuickView’s dashboard you can access your data from anywhere, customize your analysis with easy to apply filters and splits, and transform your data into presentations that everyone will understand by exporting the dashboard charts into PowerPoint.

Get a worldwide view and quickly explore the attitudes and sentiment from adults in over 40 countries.


500 or 1,000 adults per country, fielded online

Questionnaire translations are included in base costs

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The team has fantastic ability to formulate questions that will produce maximum insights into the public’s attitudes.


Your team is responsive, accurate with data, creative and a great business partner.


Great value and fast turn around. The people who manage our account are very responsive and easy to work with.