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omnibus surveys


ENGINE’s CARAVAN Omnibus Surveys is our agile solution that provides you actionable data quickly and cost-effectively, so you can uncover the insights you need to succeed.

Don’t worry if you are not a survey expert. With CARAVAN you work with an experienced team that can help you with project conception, questionnaire development, and analysis of key findings.

Our team – together with reliable, representative samples – guarantees you speed (results in as little as one day) and budget flexibility (per question pricing) without sacrificing quality and reliability.

With CARAVAN you are not limited to 2 or 3 simple questions. We accept longer questionnaires and can incorporate features beyond simple skip patterns, including multi-cell testing, word piping, and drag and drop. You can enhance your survey by including logos, pictures and video.

With CARAVAN, we can help you test concepts, messages, and ads; size and define markets; profile customers; measure attitudes, awareness, and usage; determine optimal pricing; check incidence; and generate publicity.

All CARAVAN results are delivered via our QuickView digital portal. With QuickView’s dashboard you can access your data from anywhere, customize your analysis with easy to apply filters and splits, and transform your data into presentations that everyone will understand by exporting the dashboard charts into PowerPoint.

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Choose the Right Survey to Fit Your Needs

U.S. General Population Adults

Online fielded 3x per week, State/Metro fielded 2x per week


Designed to stretch your research dollars further, Online CARAVAN is our most cost and time efficient service.

SAMPLE SIZE: 1,000 U.S. adults 18+ (50% male / 50% female)

Data is representative of the U.S. Census and weighted by gender, age, region, education and race/ethnicity

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Zero in on a particular geography with our State and Major Metro Area Targeting. Uncover regional similarities and differences, and compare sentiment from top markets.

SAMPLE SIZE: 500 or 1,000 interviews per state/top 50 DMAs

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A solution for businesses that need quick intelligence on U.S. consumer trends. And by quick… we mean quick. We like to call it “Noon to Noon” service. Launch Monday – Thursday… give us the night and by noon the next business day you’ll have answers.

Include up to 10 questions

Representative sample of 500 or 1,000 adults (18 and over), demographically balanced to the U.S. Census

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International General Population

Fielded 2x per week


Get a worldwide view and quickly explore the attitudes and sentiment from adults in over 40 countries.

SAMPLE SIZE: 500 or 1,000 adults per country, fielded online

Questionnaire translations are included in base costs

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CARAVAN® U.S. Targeted Samples

All fielded 2x per week


Understand what’s driving today’s parents – what it’s like to balance work, parenting and other topics affecting moms and dads.

SAMPLE SIZE: 500 or 1,000 interviews among U.S. parents of children 17 years of age and under

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Uncover insight on what makes each generation so unique and their thoughts on today’s hottest topics.

SAMPLE SIZE: 500 or 1,000 interviews for Gen Z; 1,000 interviews for Millennials (Gen X’ers and Baby Boomers are also available).



Uncover coveted insight into tomorrow’s consumers, leaders and voices with our teen online omnibus.

SAMPLE SIZE: 500 or 1,000 interviews among respondents 13-17 years of age

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Reach the U.S.’s largest growing demographic that often requires distinct decision making among marketers.

SAMPLE SIZE: 500 interviews

Utilizes a proprietary acculturation model.

Surveys are administered in English and Spanish.

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Flexible Survey Solutions


Straddling the line between the fixed sample and schedule of an omnibus on one hand and a full blown custom survey on the other, CARAVAN Plus is a flexible solution that gives the ability to survey specific population targets quickly and cost-effectively. With CARAVAN Plus, you can:

Interview specialized consumer samples (such as high net worth households, DIY homeowners, travelers, etc.). We can design a sample frame that meets your needs that you can quickly tap again and again.

Include special programming features such as highlighting tools, heat maps, and MaxDiff scaling.

Solution based on survey length (10, 15 or even 20+ minutes), with sample sizes up to 5,000 available.

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B2B Solutions


ENGINE’s Online CARAVAN Small Business Survey provides an affordable solution for businesses that need quick intelligence and insights among the U.S. Small Business Community.

Once a week, we conduct a survey among a sample of 500 owners and partners of U.S. businesses with less than 100 employees. Throughout the process, our research professionals work closely with you from questionnaire guidance to final delivery — you are never on your own.

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The team has fantastic ability to formulate questions that will produce maximum insights into the public’s attitudes.


Your team is responsive, accurate with data, creative and a great business partner.


Great value and fast turn around. The people who manage our account are very responsive and easy to work with.


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