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Drive superior performance with ENGINE Insights.

What Is Customer Experience (CX)?

ENGINE believes you can use CX as an offensive weapon. Brands are increasingly using customer experience to differentiate and drive business performance, but often focus on chasing metrics rather than achieving business outcomes.

We help organizations return focus to business outcomes. Our holistic approach combines your customers’ and employees’ voices with performance measurement, behavioral data and predictive analytics to reveal the specific levers that drive customer acquisition, facilitate retention and maximize customer lifetime value.


Our services include:

  • CX maturity evaluation
  • Target customer identification
  • Improved prospecting with ENGINE’s Digital Audiences
  • Elimination of response bias with modelled CX performance that incorporates non-responder perspectives
  • Customer lifetime value assessment
  • Customer journey mapping
  • CX key driver identification
  • Monetized CX performance – ROI
  • Prescriptive action planning
  • CX best practice consultation
  • CX program creation, management and execution
  • Structured plans including operational process improvements to advance CX maturity
  • Holistic change management consulting, partnership & guidance

CX Maturity Assessment

Customer experience impacts a brand’s reputation, customer loyalty and acquisition. Brands that embrace a customer centric mindset throughout their entire organization have greater financial success, better customer retention, are more attractive to new customers and possess stronger reputations. Each organization falls along a continuum of customer centricity referred to as CX maturity.

To understand where your organization falls, take the assessment by clicking below, and your results will be emailed within minutes.

Take the Assessment

Outcomes 360 CX

Successful brands are intentional about impacting behavioral outcomes. Outcomes360:CX goes beyond typical market research measurement programs and traditional consulting approaches that provide tactical process evaluation and recommendations that often are costly and unactioned. Outcomes360:CX provides a complete perspective of your competitive landscape – the drivers of brand selection and loyalty with actionable recommendations presented in the context of your organizations’ strengths and vulnerabilities, told from your most valuable customers’ point of view and implemented with your ENGINE team’s continued guidance.

Our approach celebrates customer heterogeneity. Understanding that your brand cannot be all things to all customers, we identify your existing customer segments based on their unique beliefs, expectations and behaviors. We then assess the value each customer segment represents to your organization. Finally, we provide maximum return on your CX investment by creating tailored action plans that:

  1. Target your most valuable and valued customers
  2. Improve CX related to individual key touchpoints along their journey
  3. Identify opportunities to differentiate from competitors

We’ll help you create your system for sustainable organization change; guiding you through a structured process that advances CX maturity moving toward a fully customer centric business practice.


The customer is at the heart of your business, so you must place customers at the heart of business decision-making.

Brands no longer control the narrative, making earned word of mouth more critical.

It’s critical to be intentional and fully aligned across your entire organization to meaningfully impact customer behavior and business outcomes.

Performance is best understood relative to the expectations of your customers within the context of your competitive market position.

It is critical to develop action plans based on predictive prioritization, available resources (people, time, budget), overall impact to CX and ROI.


Diminishing program value in the face of budget scrutiny

Uncertainty around your CX program today and what steps are needed to improve it

Inconsistent perceptions about CX throughout your organization

Declining performance – CX, new sales, increased attrition

Information overload preventing action – drowning in data

Ineffective CX program – results fail to drive action across the organization

Fractured or inconsistent perception of CX across your organization

Declining trust in CX performance due to low customer response and/or small sample size

Unrealistic performance targets set without context (e.g. effort required to achieve and anticipated ROI)

Technology assisted data collection & reporting – DIY more difficult than expected

Cultivating a holistic view of CX via data integration – CRM, customer surveys, employee feedback, social media, third party sources, etc.


A single source of truth for your CX performance

A holistic, 360° view of your customer

Advisory services to align your organization and prioritize actions based on ROI

Target customer identification based on customer lifetime value assessment to attract and retain your most valuable customers

Improved prospecting with ENGINE’s Digital Audiences to reach your highest value customers

Modeled CX performance (e.g. NPS) from non-responders to address potential response bias in your KPIs

Monetized CX performance – Translation of your key performance indicator (NPS, overall satisfaction, etc.) improvement into revenue gains

Prescriptive action plans based on predictive modelling to drive the right outcomes for your business

CX best practice consultation, research program development and execution

Holistic change management consulting, partnership and guidance toward fully customer centric business practice

Integration of your diverse information feeds – CRM, customer surveys, employee surveys, social media and relevant third party sources

Portals & reporting to bring specific plans to life

Access to our AGILE solutions suite including Accelerated Intelligence, Digital Hives, and CARAVAN surveys to keep you connected in real-time with your customer and employee base throughout your journey to CX maturity and customer centricity

Customer Experience (CX) Transformation

ENGINE believes you can use CX as an offensive weapon.  When you proactively manage CX across your enterprise to impact business outcomes, you are driving toward superior performance. To create your system for sustainable organizational change, a structured step-by-step approach toward customer centricity is required.  Your approach must consider your brand’s current CX maturity, which is the ability to proactively design, implement, manage, and continuously enhance your customers’ experience in ways that will impact business outcomes.

Our CX program evaluation, consulting and recommendations are based on ENGINE’s CX maturity model to ensure your CX program continues to progress toward a fully actualized customer centric business practice, including early “wins”.

We assess your organization’s performance on each of eight CX competencies. The strength of your organization’s performance on each of these competencies identifies your position on the path to centricity. As performance improves, your CX and ability to successfully meet corporate goals and objectives improves. Measuring against this framework allows you to advance your level of CX maturity, with the ultimate goal of reaching the level of CX Leaders.

ENGINE brings CX program evaluation, consulting and recommendations based on ENGINE’s CX maturity model to ensure your CX program continues to improve for the benefit of your most valuable customers and bottom line.


Identify priorities of focus

Identify and target customers that provide the most value to your organization

Review measurement programs (including survey design)

Design prescriptive solutions driven by your unique business objectives and performance

Ensure early “wins” to elicit and maintain stakeholder and employee engagement

Provide a holistic change management system to guide your journey toward a customer centric business practice

Drive your business outcomes

Create a lifelong bond between your brand and target customers

Customer Journey Mapping & Analytics

ENGINE sees Customer Journey Mapping as the process of uncovering what customers feel, think, and do at each step of their interaction with a brand, from initial exposure to termination, and identifies pain points and opportunities to improve or redesign those interactions.

Our customer centric CX perspective addresses the need to place customers at the heart of business decision-making, and works well as lines between Acquisition and Experience stages of the customer journey continue to blur.




Internal Mapping

External Mapping


Mapping Calibration




Initial workshop to review the overall plan and materials, identify stakeholders, segments, and align on scope and process

Workshop to document journeys from internal stakeholders’ viewpoint and gain alignment

Qualitative interviews to understand the customers’ journey; Identify key touchpoints and the customers emotional response related to that portion of their interaction with your brand.

Presentation of journey mapping work to date. Review the gaps and similarities between the internal the external perspectives.



Comprehensive: capture the journey from cradle to grave

Holistic: connect the experiences of your customers, suppliers, and employees

Addresses both key aspects of delight and areas of opportunity

Connect what to why: the behaviors, emotions and attitudes that drive decisions

Make it happen: designed for action to drive business results

Predictive Analytics & Prescriptive Actions

Decide with confidence. In a complex world, ENGINE makes decision-making simple. Use our powerful prediction engine to know the impact of your business decisions before you make them, so you can invest your time and money in the things that matter most to customers and your brand’s success.

Our predictive approach matches your organization’s unique data with the most appropriate advanced statistical approach to determine how all the elements in your system work together: which process, service and product experiences affect each other, to what extent and with what impact on overall CX and your bottom line.

We identify the key aspects of your customer’s journey, assess your performance on these aspects and connect positive and negative changes with your revenue data. This approach allows us to predict the financial gains associated with improvement on one single aspect of experience or a combination of multiple aspects.

Following our analysis, we host a collaborative workshop to develop the most impactful action plans in the context of your available resources (people, time and budget) and anticipated return.



Include your whole ecosystem: Our model ingests all data – emotional, functional, behavioral, business, proprietary data only you can provide (aka first party data), enhanced insights from relevant third party sources, structured and unstructured customer and employee feedback. This holistic approach allows you to understand the impact of every hidden and visible customer touchpoint within your process and service chain. CX performance across each touchpoint is presented in the context of your organization’s unique customer segments and most importantly by the value their business represents to your organization.

Decide on your time: the model is always-on, so you can understand the impact of any decision, any time

Grow your insight as you grow your business: Our simulator grows and develops over time, so you can adapt it as your system gets more complex

Focus your resources on improving/enhancing the aspects of your customers’ journey that have the greatest impact on CX

Connect your brand-building initiatives to your performance marketing initiatives to learn how they impact each other

Inform your product development and innovation strategy

Develop marketing materials that speak to your most valuable customer segment using ENGINE’s Digital Audiences

Monitor progress toward customer centricity through employee and customer online communities with ENGINE’s Digital Hives

Perform quick pulse checks with your larger potential customer base through ENGINE CARAVAN

Inform your customers of the enhancements you’re implementing on their behalf with ENGINE Media


The team at ENGINE is like an extension of our internal team. Not only do they provide strong expertise, they also provide great thought leadership and strategic insight into our business.


ENGINE ensured an extremely smooth transition of a large tracking study, and have added so much to the program due to their industry-wide expertise, years of experience, and advanced analytics strength. They are also great people to work with, that are as fun as they are smart. ENGINE has definitely exceeded our expectations.


ENGINE’s success in transforming our global CEM program is the stuff of legend and is spoken about in the corridors of our company around the world.


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