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What We Do

The Pillars of Our Practice

Drive growth through customer centricity.

We explore the intentions behind your customers behavior, uncovering not just the ‘what’ but the ‘why’.​ We go beyond research to deliver integrated expertise and products that help you fine tune your data strategies, drive bottom line growth, and differentiate in today’s marketplace.

We proudly support clients’ Insights needs with our agile tools, CX research, journey mapping, branding, concept testing, product testing, innovation, strategy, data & analytics, and digital qualitative and communities. We have expertise is specific markets such as B2B and younger generations.

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Agile | B2B | CX | Digital Audiences


This Solves

Agile @ ENGINE takes complex issues and breaks them down into bite-sized chunks. We leverage our unique combination of qualitative, quantitative, secondary and analytic tools, combined with industry expertise to provide our clients with insights they can use quickly. Our Agile @ ENGINE approach is designed for flexibility, allowing for new questions to arise during the project, with the most relevant methodology applied in the moment to address emerging questions. ENGINE’S experienced project leaders and industry experts guide our clients through a quick paced, results focused agile project. Focusing on the most pressing questions and building on insights over time, our clients gain the understanding they need to win in the market, fast.


The ENGINE Approach

At the heart of Agile @ ENGINE are short, iterative sprints where our team collaborates closely with our clients to prioritize the questions to answer. Our experts determine the most effective tools and techniques to answer the question quickly. ENGINE summarizes the learnings, collaborates with clients’ on the new questions arising from new insights and designs the next sprint, drawing on a unique combination of qual, quant and analytic tools. We fit-for-purpose the most effective approach to address the highest priority business questions. We integrate all the insights obtained to provide a comprehensive understanding of the issues.


How & For Whom

Agile @ ENGINE can be applied to almost any business issue, including brand health, communication testing, market identification, innovation and customer experience. Agile @ ENGINE leverages the full suite of ENGINE’s capabilities.


Download our Agile guide, “Best Practices for Obtaining Consumer Insights Faster,” to ensure you have the voice of the customer at the right time, with relevant insights to inform business decisions.


ENGINE helps B2B organizations seeking to create sustainable growth as they proactively develop strategies to: 1) enter new markets, 2) innovate through products/services/processes and, 3) establish customer experience (CX) as a differentiator to grow existing customer relationships.

  • Expansion into other markets is risky. How do you size the space and effectively assess the risk?
  • Disruption comes out of left field. What are the ways to foresee change and seize opportunities?
  • Customer expectations keep increasing. How do you anticipate your customers’ next step in their journey?

B2B @ ENGINE helps you navigate these challenges.

We bring together industry expertise, blended research methods, and proven business frameworks that increase success rates and decrease risk in the pursuit of sustainable growth.

We address your critical business challenges by starting with the right mix of information sources, whether that be accessing B2B experts, authoritative published materials, and/or conducting primary research in new and innovative ways.

We then apply technologies, analytics, and proven decision-making models to provide you with vetted options.

B2B @ ENGINE helps you:  

  1. Enter new or other markets, size a market, understand competitive strategy 
  2. Innovate through white space, combat or create disruption, leapfrog the competition 
  3. Differentiate with customer experience (CX) to grow and enhance existing customer relationships      


ENGINE believes you can use CX as an offensive weapon. Brands are increasingly using customer experience to differentiate and drive business performance, but often focus on chasing metrics rather than achieving business outcomes.

We help organizations return focus to business outcomes. Our holistic approach combines your customers’ and employees’ voices with performance measurement, behavioral data and predictive analytics to reveal the specific levers that drive customer acquisition, facilitate retention and maximize customer lifetime value.

Want to know where you organization falls in terms of its CX maturity? Take our CX Maturity Assessment to find out!

Customer Experience (CX) Measurement & Management

Successful brands are intentional about impacting behavioral outcomes. Outcomes360:CX goes beyond typical market research measurement programs and traditional consulting approaches that provide tactical process evaluation and recommendations that often are costly and unactioned. Outcomes360:CX provides a complete perspective of your competitive landscape – the drivers of brand selection and loyalty with actionable recommendations presented in the context of your organizations’ strengths and vulnerabilities, told from your most valuable customers’ point of view and implemented with your ENGINE team’s continued guidance.


CX Transformation
Consulting Practice

ENGINE believes you can use CX as an offensive weapon.  When you proactively manage CX across your enterprise to impact business outcomes, you are driving toward superior performance. To create your system for sustainable organizational change, a structured step-by-step approach toward customer centricity is required.  Your approach must consider your brand’s current CX maturity, which is the ability to proactively design, implement, manage, and continuously enhance your customers’ experience in ways that will impact business outcomes.

Our CX program evaluation, consulting and recommendations are based on ENGINE’s CX maturity model to ensure your CX program continues to progress toward a fully actualized customer centric business practice, including early “wins”.

Customer Journey Mapping & Analytics

ENGINE sees Customer Journey Mapping as the process of uncovering what customers feel, think, and do at each step of their interaction with a brand, from initial exposure to termination, and identifies pain points and opportunities to improve or redesign those interactions.

Our customer centric CX perspective addresses the need to place customers at the heart of business decision-making, and works well as lines between Acquisition and Experience stages of the customer journey continue to blur.


Predictive Analytics &
Prescriptive Actions

Decide with confidence. In a complex world, ENGINE makes decision-making simple. Use our powerful prediction engine to know the impact of your business decisions before you make them, so you can invest your time and money in the things that matter most to customers and your brand’s success.

Our predictive approach matches your organization’s unique data with the most appropriate advanced statistical approach to determine how all the elements in your system work together: which process, service and product experiences affect each other, to what extent and with what impact on overall CX and your bottom line.


This Solves

If you’re like most of the marketing and agency leaders we speak with, you struggle with reaching your target audience effectively and efficiently. Budgets continue to tighten, forcing marketers to do more with less. At the same time, behaviors have become increasingly fragmented.

Modern digital marketing tactics promise to help business leaders address these age old challenges once and for all. But these solutions frequently fall short of expectation, often failing to deliver the access they purport to provide. Significant portions of advertising budgets are thus wasted on eyeballs the advertiser never intended to target.

In our experience, the problem starts with the tactics that data providers rely on to build these audiences. Most are built on the assumption that behaviors imply intent. Audience membership (i.e. preferences, intentions, attitudes, etc.) is thus determined exclusively by subjective judgement of behavior and digital consumption. In other words, what people do entirely determines how they are classified. While such judgements are sometimes correct, they are often not.

ENGINE ensures more accurate delivery by pre-validating the digital signals a campaign targets to reach the desired audience. Rather than leaving it to chance, our platform ensures campaigns target behaviors that are known to be exhibited by an advertisers target audience. Whether an attitudinal segment, a conquest, a likely adopter of a new product, specific demographic, or an existing customer, we develop targeting solutions that improve precision by removing the doubt without disrupting the campaign delivery process, requiring an agency transition, or increasing costs.

The ENGINE Approach

At ENGINE, we’ve developed a better way. Rather than making subjective assumptions about what specific behaviors suggest about a consumer’s preferences or intentions, we leave it to the consumer to express intent and then we go find the behaviors that best represent it. We start with a small sample of consumers who express the attitude or intention that we are ultimately attempting to target and use machine learning to identify the behaviors that best signify that attitude or intention. This resulting “recipe” of behaviors is then used to classify consumers in the digital ecosystem into a given audience.

How & For Whom

Our high-performing audiences can be activated directly through Engine Media, or programmatically via data infused PMP’s directly integrated with your DSP of choice or by accessing our inventory in many of the leading DMP’s. If the audience you need isn’t already built, we can develop one on a custom basis in usually less than 2 weeks.

Additional ‘First Party’ activation services we offer, include:

  • On-boarding (we’ll enable you to target your customers digitally)
  • First party data enrichment (we’ll help you understand more about your customers and their interests)
  • First party propensity scoring (we’ll help you optimize your in house models)

Business Questions
We Solve


  • How do I transform my business?
  • What does my market look like?
  • What competitive threats do I need to address?
  • Where should I focus for growth?
  • How do I drive Innovation?
  • How do I structure my data architecture & strategies?
  • How do my customers, and potential customers, feel?


  • How do I acquire more customers?
  • How do I grow my market share? Share of wallet?
  • Can I increase the lifetime value of my customers?
  • How do I optimize my creative?
  • How do I reach specific audiences?
  • Help me better understand younger consumers and their cultural impact.


  • I need more business intelligence
  • Help me with market research
  • Help me with customer research
  • Help me with data strategies and optimization
  • Help me with future forecasting
  • What is the ideal analysis to apply to my business questions?

Insights Capabilities


  • Acquisition
  • Competitive Assessment
  • Transactional Monitoring
  • Journey & Experience Mapping
  • Relationship Monitoring
  • Retention & Lifetime Value
  • Maturity Modeling
  • CX Transformation
  • Guest Satisfaction


  • Ad/Copy/Message Testing
  • Brand Positioning & Tracking
  • Attitude & Usage Mapping
  • Concept Development & Testing
  • Market Segment Mapping
  • Product Testing/Home Use Testing
  • Product Configuration & Pricing
  • Product Evaluation
  • Product Optimization
  • Shopper Insights
  • Market Sizing
  • Social Listening
  • Youth Trends


  • Competitive Intelligence
  • Innovation
  • Brand
  • Expert & Lead User Research
  • Market Intelligence Mapping
  • Trends & Ideation
  • Marketplace Analytics
  • Cultural Impact
  • Thought Leadership


  • Improving Reach & Effectiveness
  • Monetizing your Data
  • Reaching Special Audiences
  • Data Services
  • Data Strategy
  • Market Mix Modeling
  • Attribution Modeling
  • Digital Transformation
  • Data Management
  • Text/Sentiment Analytics
  • Choice Based Models
  • Max Diff
  • TURF
  • Bayesian Driver Analysis
  • Segmentation